Train-the-trainer week in Burundi

Image (Train-the-trainer week in Burundi)

The French Baptist Federation in partnership with the Baptist Union of Burundi has organized a train-the-trainer week in Burundi for pastors and church leaders from the 12th to the 20th February 2017

Marc DERŒUX, Augustin NKUNDABASHAKA, Simon KEGLO, Lionel MINARD, Christophe HAHLING and José DIAS will be ithe faciliators of this training before attending a symposium about peace and reconciliation.

Image (Train-the-trainer week in Burundi) This train-the-trainer is one week long training workshop to enable pastors and church leaders conduct theological training effectively and independently. The following topics will be covered during the week: pedagogy church history, Baptist theology, missiology, evangelism, growth and development, personal and social ethics, management and administration, management of conflicts, youth group, women and social work. 

The Baptist Union of Burundi, the missionary fund of the FEEBF and partners and missionary agencies will fund part of the training.

The budget has not yet been finalized and it is possible to support this initiative by giving online. To make your donation, go to HelloAsso and click Faire un Don  

Thank you for your support.

Image (Train-the-trainer week in Burundi)

Burundi, or full-name Republic of Burundi, is an eastern African country without access to the sea but with a large shoreline on Lake Tanganyika. Burundi is  located in the Great Lakes region and surrounded by the Democratic Republic Congo to the west, Rwanda to the north, and Tanzania to the east and south. Its capital is Bujumbura. 

The economy of Burundi is mainly rural and is based on agriculture and livestock. Agricultural production is distributed among products for export, such as coffee, tea and cotton, and food crops. The coffee sector is the country's largest resource (80% of exports). The population depends on more than 90% of this agriculture. By 2016, the population of Burundi is estimated at 11.1 million, and the population is growing very rapidly (3.26%).  

Image (Train-the-trainer week in Burundi)